What to Bring on Your Trip

On your trip all fishing equipment and bait is provided. All of Dylan’s fishing tackle is state of the art and specifically set up for the fish being targeted! Dylan also provides hot coffee, water and snacks. Ice and a kill bag are also brought to keep your fish cold after being landed ensuring a quality product at the end of the day.

On your trip you will need to provide:
Fishing License (with salmon and steelhead tag)
Rain Jacket and Rain Pants or Waders and Boots
Waterproof shoes
Warm Clothing
Cooler to take fish home!

Home cooked shore lunches with wild northwest salmon or steelhead are available for a small extra charge. Please inquire upon booking about shore lunch options and pricing.

Fish You Will Catch and What You Can Bring Home

Salmon and steelhead sport bright silvery sides and are hard fighting! These ocean-going fish are excellent table fare whether barbequed or smoked. Dylan is one of the few guides in the region that employs fly gear to target salmon and steelhead on these river! On trips when fish are kept Captain Dylan fillets and bags all fish for you to take home!

Cutthroat trout and redside trout are beautiful hard fighting fish that are best targeted with fly gear. This is a catch and release fishery where fish are taken out of the water for a quick picture and let go on their way!

Rockfish and Lingcod are a firm white fish. These fish live on the bottom of the ocean near rocky structure. They provide a great fight and are incredibly tasty. Fried, blackened or grilled you can’t go wrong cooking up these fish!